What is Certification?

“Certification is a procedure by which a third part (Certification Organization) gives written assurance that a product, process or service conforms to the specified requirements”. [ABNT ISO/IEC GUIDE 2]

The Conformity Assessment, also known as certification, goes through several stages until the actual issue of the certificate of compliance. Within these stages we can highlight the analysis of the documentary part, the evaluation of the quality management system of the manufacturer of the product and the performance of the tests on samples of products ready for the market verify their particularities.

After all the stages have been concluded, the manufacturer's management system and the product demonstrate compliance with the reference standards, the certification organization issues the certificate of conformity for the evaluated product.

Classification as to the use field

Mandatory Certification

It is a compulsory activity exercised by the State, through a regulatory authority, through a legal instrument, when it is understood that the product, process or service may pose risks to consumer safety or the environment or, in some cases, when the product performance, if inadequate, can bring economic losses to society.

Voluntary Certification

Conformity Assessment is voluntary when part of a supplier decision. The conformity assessment adds value to the product, representing an important competitive advantage over competitors. This procedure is used by manufacturers or importers as a means of informing and attracting the consumer. And, as a result, increasing their market share. The importance of conformity assessment in the voluntary field has been growing in the international market as a way to overcome technical barriers or access demanding markets.

  • The assurance that the product or system meets the requirements standards.
  • Safety of the final consumer when buying the product;
  • Assurance of customer requirements;
  • Bigger market acceptance and credibility;
  • Organization and improvement on the processes;
  • Reduce costs with rework, losses, wastes and inspections.

Internal Control Policy

O Centro Tecnológico Brasileiro da Conformidade (Accordance Brazilian Technological Center) is always looking to improve all services, assuring the correct conformity assessment of your products and productive systems. And above all assuring the satisfaction of your clients.

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