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CTBC - Centro Tecnológico Brasileiro da Conformidade (Brazilian Technological Center of Conformity)

Established by the goal of turning the evalution process quicker, with greater credibility and determination to assure the clients clients that the work would be carried out only with highly qualified professionals.

The CTBC had his accreditation granted by CGCRE in December 2009, with the number OCP 0073.

Since then it has been recognized as one of the main organization on the certification business, until it establishes itself as leader in its segment of performance.



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Internal Control Policy

Centro Tecnológico Brasileiro da Conformidade (Brazilian Technological Center of Conformity) is always looking to improve all services, assuring the correct conformity assessment of your products and productive systems. And above all assuring the satisfaction of your clients, maintaining a collaborators staff with proficiency and motivation.

Staying true to the concepts that guided its creation, CTBC seeks to:


In order to provide confidence in the conformity assessment processes under its responsibility, the CTBC, along with its confidentialy policy, undertakes to:

  • I – Comply with all the policies and procedures defined on its quality management system;
  • II – Note the highest standard of honesty and integrity on contact with clients; and do not surrender to any kind of pressure in order to gain a favorable treatment;
  • III – Do not accept benefits or appropriate itself of confidential information about the conformity assessment, in order to compromises impartiality in the course of the process or in the outcome;
  • IV – Document the conclusions, operations and decisions made, showing that they are free from influence by other interests or by other parts;
  • V – Do not offer consulting for companies that operate in the same area, such as don’t do an intern audit for other companies involved with conformity assessment's processes in progress;
  • VI – Collaborators and parts involved must express a condition of conflict of interest, whenever factors prevent them from independently and impartially analyzing the conformity assessment's process. Among other factors, whether objective or subjective, are: close relationships, past experiences, prejudices, self-interest, self-evaluation, familiarity and intimidation;
  • VII – Collaborators and employees must keep confidential information, documents and data, processes and techniques that are property of others, among other internal matters;
  • VIII – Carry out conformity assessment’s work free from any kind of financial or commercial pressure;
  • IX – Don’t restrict the right of access to conformity assessment process for other companies, regardless of their size, association, productive capacity, and any other discriminatory manner;
  • X – Don’t do any services that might compromise confidentiality, objectivity or impartibility from its conformity assessment's processes.
  • XI – Under no circumstances CTBC imply that the certification would be simpler, easier, faster or cheaper if the company used another audit firm.

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