How to get your certificação?

  • Certification Request

    The certification applicant shall complete the conformity assessment's request form and send it, signed by its authorized representative, and along with the product descriptive memorandum, that is the subject of the conformity assessment. After receiving the formal certification request, the CTBC opens a process for the request and documentation preliminary analysis.

  • Evaluation

    Following the approval of the evaluation program, the local audit / evaluation covering the organization's facilities and the audit-assessment-witness is carried out in one or more client company audits of the applicant. If necessary, to conclude this phase, a new audit can be performed, for the verification of pending.

  • Certification Maintenance

    The certification maintenance involves periodic evaluations; define in contract, with the purpose of verifying permanence of the conditions that validated its concession. Each evaluation’s result is submitted to the Certification Committee and may result in the exclusion of accredited services.

  • Misuse of Trademark and Certification

    There should be no publicity, involving certification that is derogatory, abusive, false or extensive to other scopes that have not been certified by CTBC.

  • Business Proposal

    After receiving and analyzing the documentation cited above, the CTBC prepares and sends for the applicant a business proposal, describing the steps to be followed for the certification process and certification maintenance, and also the costs involved.

  • Certification Recomendation

    After the analysis phase of the documents and the audit(s) completion(s), the process is sent to the Certification Committee, and they evaluate the conformity of the process to the procedures, recommending or not the Certification. This Committee is appointed by the CEO and has regulations and composition defined.

  • Complaints / Appeals

    The applicant, not agreeing with the certification decision, may submit a formal complaint to the CEO. Complaints, submitted by certification bodies, or other interested parts, must be substantiated and will be handled in accordance with established procedures.

  • Documentation Analysis

    After the acceptance of the business proposal, the applicant shall forward documents to CTBC of its quality management system. The documentation analysis, which includes legal and technical aspects, is carried out by the team of product specialists that when necessary may request other information and all according to the scope sought by the applicant. If the documents sent are complete and conform to the conformity of conformity assessment's process, the CTBC shall work out a program for the evaluation of the applicant's acceptance.

  • Certification Decision

    The Certification decision is made by the CEO, being approved or not, it is formalized for the applicant. In approval cases, it’s formalized through a contract and a certification.

  • Certification: Use and Disclosure

    The certified organization can only mention certification in its publicity, mail and service documents, after signing the certification agreement with CTBC. The use and disclosure of the Certification mark is total responsibility of the certified organization, which assumes all liens and is subject to the penalties imposed, in case of offending behavior.


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